Hey folks! I’m Vijay Patel from nearby Jamnagar. This weekend, my family and I decided to delve into the mystical charm of Dwarka, one of Hinduism’s four sacred cities. We booked a comfy cab with TransRentals, all set to explore this ancient city’s spiritual legacy and architectural beauty.

Dawn Departure

We were on the road by the crack of dawn, excited for the day ahead. The drive to Dwarka was scenic and pleasant, with the early morning sun casting golden hues across the landscape. Our driver, Mr. Anil, was a local with stories that made the journey feel shorter than it was.

First Stop: Dwarkadhish Temple

Our first stop had to be the majestic Dwarkadhish Temple, dedicated to Lord Krishna. The spiritual atmosphere was palpable as we walked through the Swarga Dwar (Gateway to Heaven). The intricate carvings and the rhythmic chants filled the air with devotion. We joined the morning aarti, an ethereal experience, watching the priests enthusiastically perform the rituals.

A Stroll on Dwarka Beach

After the temple visit, we took a stroll along Dwarka Beach. The kids had a blast playing in the sand, and my wife and I enjoyed the calm ocean breeze. The beachfront was not very crowded, making it a perfect spot for family pictures.

Visit to Bet Dwarka

Next on our itinerary was Bet Dwarka, believed to be Krishna’s original residence. We took a short boat ride to this island, an adventure for the kids. The temple on the island is vibrant, with colorful flags and the sound of bells. We explored the small markets around the temple, picking up some souvenirs and local crafts.

Lunch by the Shore

For lunch, Mr. Anil recommended a local dhaba that served fresh seafood. The spicy prawn curry and fried fish flavors were incredible, and even the kids enjoyed the meal with some mild dishes. Dining by the seaside, with the sound of waves in the background, enhanced the whole experience.

The Lighthouse and Rukmini Devi Temple

In the afternoon, we visited the nearby lighthouse, which offered panoramic views of the Arabian Sea and the Kutch coast. We then headed to the Rukmini Devi Temple, a small but beautiful temple dedicated to Krishna’s wife, Rukmini. The carvings and architecture were stunning, depicting various episodes from Hindu mythology.

Gomti Ghat for the Evening Rituals

As the day ended, we visited Gomti Ghat, where the Gomti river meets the ocean. The evening aarti here differed from the morning’s – more reflective and tranquil. Watching the sunset as the aarti chants filled the air was the perfect closure to our spiritual journey.

Heading Back Home

The ride back was quiet. Everyone was reflective and filled with the peace of the day’s experiences. Mr. Anil dropped us back in Jamnagar just after sunset, and despite the tiredness, there was a unanimous feeling of contentment and spiritual fulfillment.


Our one-day trip to Dwarka was not just a journey through the city’s temples and beaches but a spiritual adventure that brought us closer as a family. Thanks to TransRentals for the seamless experience and Mr. Anil for his guidance and insights.

I can’t wait for our next family outing to explore more of our rich cultural heritage. Here’s to many more such travels and tales!

Keep exploring, keep wondering!