Let TransRentals

Work for you

Become a TransRentals partner, and your growth will be our mission.

How does it work?


Contact Us

Contact our manager at your location, and we will guide you through the process.


Provide Details

We will ask you about all the relevant information and about the services you provide.


Start Getting Booking:

After onboarding, we will start giving you qualified leads from your location.

Why become a TransRentals Partner?

Become a TransRentals Partner

We make you succeed

When you join us, your growth becomes our utmost target.

Become a TransRentals Partner

Joining Is Free

We don’t charge if we don’t make money for you.

Become a TransRentals Partner

Focus on service delivery

We work as your Marketing partner so that you can focus on service delivery.


What are the requirements to become a TransRentals partner?

Just signup TransRentals.in Select the car you want to book, Fill the inquiry or booking form to provide you with the best quote possible, like our quote? Just pay the booking amount, and we are good to go. You will get the contact details of your trip manager at the same time. Just collect your car and ride. It’s super easy.

What documents are required to register as a partner with TransRentals??

We have a pretty straight forward partner onboarding process that includes verification, vehicle onboarding, and partner onboarding.

How I receive payments as a Partner?

During the onboarding process, we take your banking details and that we use to transfer the payments. We only collect the deposit amount on your behalf, and the remaining balance is paid to the partner directly by the customer.

I just have one Vehicle. Can I become a TransRentals partner?

Yes, you can. It’s not amount number of vehicles; it’s about being a service provider. If you have one vehicle, you are qualified to become a TransRentals partner.