Hello. I’m Divya Mehra from Lucknow. This past weekend, my family of six embarked on a spiritual journey from Lucknow to Ayodhya, the birthplace of Lord Rama. Eager to explore this revered city, we booked a comfortable cab through TransRentals and set off on a day filled with devotion and discovery.

Starting Our Journey

We left Lucknow early in the morning, around 6 AM, to make the most of the day ahead. The ride was cozy, with lively conversations and plans about all the spots we wanted to visit. Our driver, Mr. Ajay, was a knowledgeable guide, enriching our ride with tales of Ayodhya’s illustrious past and spiritual significance.

First Stop: Hanuman Garhi

When we arrived in Ayodhya, our first stop was Hanuman Garhi, a must-visit temple where Lord Hanuman is believed to have lived. Climbing the 76 steps to the temple was an energizing start to our trip. The serenity and the sound of chants set a perfect tone for what was to come. The panoramic view of the entire city of Ayodhya from the top was breathtaking.

The Heart of Ayodhya: Ram Janmabhoomi

Next, we headed to the sacred Ram Janmabhoomi, the birthplace of Lord Rama. The site was enveloped in a profound sense of peace and purity. We joined a guided tour that explained the ongoing temple construction and the site’s deep historical and religious context. The atmosphere was charged with devotion, with pilgrims from various parts of the country sharing their joy and reverence.

A Spiritual Walk: Naya Ghat

Mid-morning, we strolled down to Naya Ghat alongside the Sarayu River. The river, considered holy in Hindu scriptures, was a serene sight. We participated in a puja (prayer ceremony), a spiritually uplifting experience for the entire family. The river’s cool breeze and the sound of flowing water added a tranquil backdrop to our prayers.

Lunch at a Local Eatery

Mr. Ajay recommended a local spot serving traditional vegetarian thali for lunch. It was a delicious meal with various dishes, including dal, sabzi, rice, and poori, all cooked locally. The food was filling and added to our Ayodhya experience, allowing us to enjoy flavors as traditional as the city itself.

Exploring Kanak Bhavan

Post lunch, we visited Kanak Bhavan, a temple said to have been gifted to Sita by her mother-in-law after her marriage to Lord Rama. The idols of Sita and Rama adorned in royal attire were a divine sight. The temple’s architecture and the stories behind it, narrated by the local priests, were captivating, making it one of the highlights of our trip.

Evening Aarti at Ram Ki Paidi

As the day drew to a close, we attended the evening aarti at Ram Ki Paidi, a series of ghats on the banks of the Sarayu River. Seeing the diyas (lamps), the sound of the bells and chants, and the gathering of devout souls created a magical atmosphere. It was the perfect end to a spiritually fulfilling day.

Returning to Lucknow

The drive back to Lucknow was quiet and reflective. Everyone shared their thoughts and reflections on the day’s experiences. Mr. Ajay dropped us off at our home around 8 PM, and we returned with hearts full of peace and heads laden with memories.


Our trip to Ayodhya was not just a travel experience but a journey through the spiritual heart of India. It deepened our understanding of our heritage and brought us closer as a family. Thanks to TransRentals for a hassle-free and comfortable journey and to Mr. Ajay for making our trip informative and engaging.

Looking forward to more such trips that explore the rich tapestry of Indian spirituality and history!

Happy traveling! 🚗🙏🌟