Top 10 historical heritage tours in rajkot gujarat 

Kaba Gandhi No Delo

Visit the ancestral home of Mahatma Gandhi, now a museum known as Kaba Gandhi No Delo. Explore the artifacts and exhibits showcasing Gandhiji's life.

Watson Museum

Discover the Watson Museum, featuring a diverse collection of artifacts, sculptures, and exhibits related to Rajkot's cultural and historical heritage.

Rashtriya Shala

Explore Rashtriya Shala, an institution founded by Gandhiji for imparting education in handloom weaving. Witness the traditional weaving techniques.

Jubilee Garden (Race Course)

Enjoy the serene surroundings of Jubilee Garden, which houses the Connaught Hall, an important historical structure.

Aji Dam

Visit Aji Dam, an ancient dam built during the colonial era, offering picturesque views and a peaceful environment.

Ishwariya Temple

Explore the Ishwariya Temple, an ancient temple dedicated to Lord Shiva, known for its architectural beauty and spiritual significance.

Nyari Dam

Nyari Dam is another historic dam in Rajkot, providing a scenic setting for picnics and relaxation.

Lakhota Fort

Visit Lakhota Fort, situated on an island in the middle of the Lakhota Lake. Explore the museum inside the fort displaying artifacts and sculptures.

Jalaram Bapa Temple

Pay a visit to the Jalaram Bapa Temple, dedicated to the saint Jalaram Bapa, known for his humanitarian work and teachings.

Swaminarayan Temple

Explore the Swaminarayan Temple, a beautiful temple showcasing intricate carvings and architectural brilliance.