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Rent Tempo Travellers at the best rates from TransRentals verified partners. Tempo Travellers are the best for group trips and family trips as they are available from 9 seaters to 26 seaters.

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Tempo Travellers Available on Rent in Navsari

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Tempo Traveller on Rent in Navsari

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Tempo Traveller on Rent in Navsari

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Tempo Traveller on Rent in Navsari

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Tempo Traveller on Rent in Navsari on Affordable Rates

Navsari is one of the important cities of India and falls under popular places to visit in India. Many people travel to and fro from the Navsari as Navsari is well connected by road with the main highways of India. Learn more about things to do and places to visit in Navsari.

With our verified service providers’ network, you can quickly get a Tempo Traveller on Rent in Navsari at Affordable rates.

Tempo Traveller Hire in Navsari for Marriage

Are you having a marriage coming up and worried about finding a reliable Tempo Traveller hire service provider? Don’t bother; TransRentals as a Tempo Traveller rental provider for marriage get service from dedicated and verified service providers. You get an affordable quote and peace of mind, all in one place.
Book a Tempo Traveller for a wedding from TransRentals; whether the Barat is local or Outstation, our fleet of luxury Tempo Travellers will take care of your journey with a comfortable ride experience. You can choose from our fleet of 9 to 26 seater Tempo Travellers. We also provide bus rental and minibus rentals in Navsari, including Ultra-luxury coaches like Mercedes and Volvo and Full Sleeper and Mix Coaches.

What is a Tempo Traveller?

Traveller bus is a minibus vehicle with seating capacity ranging from 9 to 26 seaters. Tempo Travellers are manufactured by Force Motors in India and are famous for their unmatched luxury and customizability.

Reasons Why You Should Rent Tempo Travellers in Navsari When Planning a Group Trip. 

Mark our words, when it comes to space and luxury, nothing matches the Tempo Travellers. Tempo Travellers are the most successful vehicle in the minibus segment, and people just love them.

  • They are suitable for both short and long-distance travel.
  • They are suitable for group sizes of 10 to 25 people.
  • They are spacious so that you can move around in them and feel less tired.
  • They come with luxurious options like Air Conditioning, Charging Points, Pushback seats, etc.
  • Tempo Travellers are the best for group and family trips as you can move around and play games. Or just enjoy the movie.

Seating Capacity of Tempo Travellers

Tempo Travellers come with a flexible seating capacity.

You can choose from these seating options at the time of booking. Just let us know the group size, and we will recommend the best option for you.

Facilities Available in Tempo Travellers

Tempo Travellers are the most versatile minibus available because they come with unlimited options. Our Tempo Travellers are equipped with basic amenities such as Air Conditioning, Push Back Seats, Infotainment System, etc. Some unique features are given below.

  • Reclining Seats
  • Charging Points (In PKN and Maharaja Travellers)
  • Sofa (Optional)
  • LED TV
  • Air Conditioning

The Maharaja Tempo Travellers and PKN Modifieds are the best ones when it comes to luxury.

Rent of Tempo Traveller in Navsari

TransRentals gives you the best options when it comes to Tempo Traveller Rates in Navsari.

Tempo Travellers on Rent in Navsari Per km Rate Full-Day Rate
9 Seater Maharaja Tempo Traveller on rent  in Navsari 24 7200
11 Seater Maharaja Tempo Traveller on rent In Navsari 24 7200
12 Seater Tempo Traveller on rent in Navsari 18 5400
14 Seater Tempo Traveller on rent in Navsari 21 6300
17 Seater Tempo Traveller on rent in Navsari 22 6600
22 Seater Tempo Traveller on rent in Navsari 28 8400
26 Seater Tempo Traveller on rent in Navsari 30 9000

*These are not the final rates, Final rates are provided after inquiry only.

Reasons for hiring a Tempo Traveller in Navsari

  • Tempo Traveller Rental in Navsari For Picnics: Whether it is a school picnic or Office, we have buses for all sizes and facilities.
  • Tempo Traveller Rental in Navsari for family Trip: Family trips by the bus remind us of a movie scene from “Hum Saath Saath Hain.” Hit the road with your family and enjoy the journey with TransRentals.
  • Tempo Traveller Rental in Navsari For Marriage: Give your guests the best option for traveling by Tempo Traveller Hire.
  • Tempo Traveller Rental in Navsari For Event: Whether you are an event manager or an event management firm, leave your Transportation to us and get peace of mind.

Hire Tempo Traveller in Navsari for Local Sightseeing

There are plenty of things to do in Navsari, and hiring a tempo traveler for local sightseeing in Navsari is the best option for group travelers. Some of the places you can visit in Navsari are given below.

  • Baba Swami Dham
  • Dandi Beach
  • Unai Mata Temple
  • Andheshwar Mahadev Temple
  • Bandar
  • Desai Atash Bahram
  • Bapa Shri Swaminarayan

Hire Tempo Traveller for an Outstation Trip in Navsari

Although we provide Tempo Travellers to all significant towns and cities from Navsari, the following are the most active routes.

  • Navsari to Ahmedabad 
  • Navsari to Mumbai 
  • Navsari to Bhavnagar 
  • Navsari to Vadodara 
  • Navsari to Dwarka 
  • Navsari to Somnath 
  • Navsari to Chotila 
  • Navsari to Diu 
  • Navsari to Pune
  • Navsari to Gir
  • Navsari to Virpur

Top Places to Visit from Navsari 

Here are the places near Navsari that you must visit.

 Place Name Distance From Navsari
Gir National Park Navsari to Gir National Park Distance: 525 kms
Somnath Navsari to Somnath Distance: 659 kms
Lonavala Navsari to Chorwad Distance: 312 kms
Diu Navsari to Jamnagar Distance: 564 kms
Dwarka Navsari to Gondal Distance: 687 kms
Junagadh Navsari to Diu Distance: 565 kms
Kutch Navsari to Dwarka Distance: 678 kms
Shirdi Navsari to Junagadh Distance: 266 kms
Porbandar Navsari to Kutch Distance: 642 kms
Dholavira Navsari to Girnar Distance: 638 kms
Palitana Navsari to Porbandar  Distance: 394 kms
Bhandardara Navsari to Dholavira  Distance: 274 kms

Advantages of Renting Tempo Traveller in Navsari from TransRentals

  • From 9 seater to 26 seater Tempo Traveller available, you can choose the right one that suits your requirement.
  • On-Board Entertainment.
  • AC / Non AC both selections available.
  • Comfortable Push-Back Seats.
  • Maharaja Coches is Available that will enhance your ride experience.
  • Luxurious PKN Models to choose from.

Why Tempo Traveller on Rent in Navsari by TransRentals Is Best Option for you

Whether you plan a business trip, a road trip, or only spending quality time with friends and family in Navsari, your choice of transport will play a key role during your tour. You will be choosing the vehicle depending on various factors, including comfort and the number of people traveling, Travel Duration, etc. Let us take a look at the benefits you will be getting when you rent/hire a Tempo Traveller in Navsari:


  • Comfort: Tempo Traveller comes with ample space to move inside the vehicle. You can stretch your legs or even walk inside.
  • Quality Time: You will travel together, along with your close friends. You will have time to catch up аnd tell stories on the Tempo Traveller as you trаvel in and out of Ahmedаbаd.
  • Entertainment: Our Tempo Travellers come with an onboard entertainment system that you can enjoy on seats.

Things To Keep in Mind While Booking a Tempo Traveller Online

  • It is essential to ensure that the online Tempo Traveller booking service you choose is reliable and trustworthy, like TransRentals.
  • Look to see if your choice’s online Tempo Traveller booking service meets all your expectations and services your specific travel needs. TransRentals, through the provision of the filters option, allows its passengers to curate a trip by following their travel needs.
  • Make sure that the Vehicle has all necessary documents and is in good working order.

Our Happy Customers

Frequently Asked Questions for Tempo Traveller on Rent in Navsari

How to Hire a Tempo Traveller in Navsari?

The booking at TransRentals works in three simple steps.

  • Enquire: Tell us more about your requirement so that we can provide the correct quote for you.
  • Quote: We will send you our quote will all the necessary details.
  • Book: Once you confirm your booking by paying the booking amount, you will receive the driver and vehicle details before your journey date.

Is Tempo Traveller available for Outstation only or Local as well?

Well, the answer to this question solely depends on your requirement. You can book Tempo Travellers for local as well as for outstation trips from TransRentals. 

What are the different seating options available in Tempo Travellers?

Tempo Travellers comes with a seating capacity of 9 to 26 seats. You just have to book a Tempo Traveller that fits your requirement.

How are the km calculated?

There is a minimum threshold of 300 km/day for bus booking. We will give you the exact amount to be paid and included km usage per your local booking requirement.

What happens when a Tempo Traveller breaks down?

We work with only the best service providers, and the vehicles are regularly examined. Hence, there is a very slim possibility of this happening. But in case Force Tempo Traveller in Navsari breaks down, the partner will ensure that the vehicle is replaced and your journey is carried on as planned.