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From inquiry to the completion of a trip, our team of professionals is always within your reach.
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We know that time is the only thing which nobody can’t buy or sell and that’s why we make sure that we don’t waste it.

Bike Rental Leh

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Our vehicle providers are highly professional, and they know how to maintain their fleet for uninterrupted operations and quality service delivery.
Bike Rental Leh

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Our services depend upon our partners and service providers, and that’s why we only work with experienced ones.

Bike Rental In Leh

Leh is one of the important cities of India and falls under popular places to visit in India. Many people travel to and fro from the Leh as Leh is well connected by road with main highways of India. Learn more about things to do and places to visit in Leh.


With our verified service providers’ network, you can quickly get a Bike Rental in Leh at Affordable rates. TransRentals offers Bike Rental in Leh- Book a bike on hourly, daily, or full-day rental in Leh. Get the best Leh Bike Booking deals on Bike Rentals from Leh to any city. 


Explore things to do in Leh.

Enjoy a Hassle-free Ride with bikes for rent in Leh.

Bikes for rent in Leh are the perfect way to travel inside the city.

Getting a bike for rent in Leh is the best option for you for the following reasons.


  1. You can quickly move around the city as bikes are easier to move in narrow lanes inside the city.
  2. Getting a good spot for parking within the city is much tricky, and bikes are the best as they can be parked in less space.
  3. Bike Rental saves you time because it saves you from getting stuck in traffic.

As you can see, the benefits of hiring a bike in Leh, Bike rental should be your priority to move around inside the city.

TransRentals, your reliable partner for bike rental in Leh

Before TransRentals came into being, getting Bikes for rent in any of the cities was difficult. People stick to public transportation for traveling. But now TransRentals has been opened in Leh city, making us the best Bike Rental service provider in the country.


Providing bikes on rent in Leh is one of India’s most fascinating cities and tourist destinations. Bike rent in Leh by TransRentals allows you the opportunity to avoid traffic, making your trip more enjoyable and comfortable.


TransRentals provides bike rentals in Leh, offering you a variety of motorcycles and scooters as per your need. Visit the TransRentals website and get the best quote for bike rental in Leh.

How can TransRentals help in choosing the best Bike For Rent near you?

If you are looking for the best bike rental operators near you, then TransRentals can be your Savior. TransRentals works with the best bike rental services provider at your location and provides you with the correct data like ratings, trip completion rate, etc., so that you can make the right decision in choosing the best bike for rent near you.

Fare Chart for Bike Rental Leh

TransRentals gives you the best options when it comes to Bike Rental in Pithoragarh.

Bike Model Per Km Rate KM Range/Day Full-Day Rate
Activa  4 150 400
Hero Splender 4 150 500
Honda Shine 4 150 500
Pulsar 150 5 250 2700
KTM RC390 6 250 2199
BMW G31o GS 6 250 2700
Jawa 42 5 250 1600
Classic 350 5 250 1500
Harley Davidson 18 250 5000

*These are not the final rates, Final rates are provided after inquiry only.

Why TransRentals is the Best Bike Rental Provider in Leh

  • Multiple booking options: With TransRentals, you can rent a bike for Hourly, Daily, Weekly, or Monthly duration.
  • Multiple Bikes To choose from Book a Scooter or Bike or Sports Bike of your choice from TransRentals verified partners.
  • Multiple payment options: You can pay online or offline at your convenience.

Standard Rates: We don’t say we are the cheapest, but our rates are standard per Market Conditions.

Tips for booking a bike on rent in Leh!

Driving a bike is one of the most convenient ways to commute in India. Bikes can easily reach the most challenging areas and territories such as mountains, deep forests, and vast deserts. Beating the rush hour traffic is almost reduced to a cakewalk when you are on a two-wheeler. However, people who do not want to purchase a bike can still experience the joy of riding one with prominent two-wheeler rental companies offering bikes on rent in Leh from TransRentals.

Below are specific tips that will help you make the most out of your bike rental experience.

  • Pick a bike based on your ability.

While all the stylish bikes may quickly draw your attention, it is never a great idea to rent a bike just because you get carried away by its looks. When going for a two-wheeler for rent, you must always consider picking the one you can handle confidently.

  • Get a valid license first.

Without having a valid license, you cannot rent a two-wheeler from any bike hire company. You must be at least 18 years to obtain a license for riding a bike anywhere in India. Having valid proof is essential for legal reasons and safety. Remember that insurers don’t pay when a non-license holder meets an accident. So always keep in mind to have and carry your license when driving.

  • Inspect the bike before making the payment

Avoid rushing when you opt for a bike rental in Leh. Ensure that every part of the vehicle, including the tires, brakes, engine, lights, etc., are in their best condition. The bike you choose to hire must be in its perfect state if you desire to enjoy the ride. Most importantly, you must ensure that the rental company you hire the bike from provides you with copies of proof of insurance, registration card, and a Pollution Under Control Certificate.

  • Don’t go for the cheapest ones, Go for the best ones.

While you may consider comparing the rental price offered by the various bike rental companies, that shouldn’t be your priority. It has been frequently seen that the bikes with the most reasonable rates are less roadworthy. While it may seem quite enticing, the decision to rent solely based on the price factor is something you should avoid. Choose a bike that is worth riding.

  • Remember to carry safety gear.

If you think your life to be worthy, consider carrying all the safety gear when you are out on the roads on a bike. Prioritizing safety is very important, and hence you should wear all the protective gear before embarking on your journey.

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Frequently Asked Questions for Bike Rental

How to Hire Bike For Rent in Leh?

The booking at TransRentals works in three simple steps.

  • Enquire: Tell us more about your requirement so that we can provide the correct quote for you.
  • Quote: We will send you our quote will all the necessary details.
  • Book: Once you confirm your booking by paying the booking amount, you will receive the driver and vehicle details before your journey date.

What are the Bike Rental Options Available in the Leh?

You can avail of the following Bike Rental services in Leh:

  • Hourly Bike Rental
  • Daily Bike Rental
  • Weekly Bike Rental
  • Monthly Bike Rental

What mandatory documents do I need to provide for bike rentals in Leh?

Our partner will require a Valid Licence, Identity proof, and Address proof to confirm your booking.

From where can I pick up the bike?

After confirming the booking, our partner will give you the garage location to pick up the bike. Some partners will also offer the option of home delivery.

Apart from the Bike Rental in Leh, What are the other services that you provide?

We also provide luxury Car Rental—Wedding Car Rental services, bus rentals, and one-way Cars in Leh. If you love to drive yourself, our self-drive car hire in Leh will be the best for you.